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couchtuner Watch The Batman 2021 Free Online

2020.11.26 14:28

Drama, Action; Director - Matt Reeves; Info - The Batman is a movie starring Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, and Colin Farrell. The plot is unknown; actor - Robert Pattinson

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Oh yea, Riddles is trying to expose the Court of Owls. Whatcha' think about that idea. 1:45 I thought he was gonna say “Im Batman”. This does quite a way to remove the stain that is Batfleck. Name another he's been good in High Life Lost City of Z Good Time The Lighthouse Give 'em a watch and eat your words boy.


The eye makeup Reminded me of the crow. Even the vibe. Can't wait. When I heard thered be a Snyder cut I didnt think thered be that much of a difference but from that trailer. Wow. I feel like this is gonna be a younger batman just starting out. I didn't know they cast Jeffrey Wright as Gordon and now I can't see him playing anything else. Everyone: How dark is this movie going to be? DC: Yes. This Batman's got some serious baggage based on that combo he laid out, you'd think someone killed his parents or something... He reminds me of The Crow Does look,dark,sinister and Awesome. What people thought Robert Pattinson as Batman would look like: oh look at me I'm a sparkly bat! What Robert Pattinson as Batman really look like: I saw my parents being murdered and never went to a psychologist to deal with that.

Amazing. Love it. I havent seen reaches this good since Halo: Reach.