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2021.01.26 08:51

Director=Andrew Fleming Actors=Neve Campbell Four girls at a Los Angeles Catholic school form a coven of witches that cast spells on their classmates and each other. Their new powers overwhelm them, leading to an internal power struggle Duration=101 Min genre=Horror

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I first saw The Craft on VHS when I was a teenager in the early 2000s when DVD players were still new and expensive and honestly I fell in love with this movie for two reasons
The first was I felt like the movie captured the Gothic teen craze of the 90s pretty well with it's relatable main characters who desire power in a world that they often view as cruel and unfair.
The second reason is that even though the movie is meant primarily for teenagers it's story and character backgrounds tackle some serious issues that weren't usually explored in movies meant for teenagers especially in the 90s such as characters dealing with suicide, bullying, body issues and depression so while this movie is sometimes silly and over the top it also deals with some very mature themes.
This movie is definitely one of the most influential and memorable teenage movies of the 90s and also one of the best in the witches sub genre and while it is a movie meant mainly for teenagers it still has a dark and serious theme to it. One of the most memorable things about this movie is it's great casting for the four main characters first is (Fairuza Balk) who plays Nancy Downs the dark, gothic and often crazy one of the coven next is (Robin Tunney) who plays Sarah Bailey the new witch in the group who brings the balance of light and dark to the coven then there's (Neve Campbell) who plays Bonnie the shy girl in the coven who's back is covered in scars that she hides but she longs to be normal last in the coven is (Rachel True) who plays Rochelle who's probably the most normal of the four but is the victim of bulling from the more popular girls at school.
Interestingly this movie plays the Charmed theme song at one point in the movie two years before the first episode of Charmed aired which is a huge coincidence as Charmed story is also about a coven of witches just thought I'd include this fun piece of trivia for those fans of Charmed and The Craft.
The best performance in the movie comes from (Fairuza Balk) her performance as Nancy really is unique giving her character a dark and crazy personality who looks and dresses like someone you would imagine as being a dark witch.
I highly recommend watching this movie if your a fan of TV shows liked Charmed and Buffy the Vampire the slayer the movie may be a little dated now but it's still fun to watch and makes your feel nostalgic for the mid 90s.

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