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2022.08.06 02:33


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Hitting rock bottom is only the beginning Kimie Walsh's life has crashed. She’s been expelled from school, her mother’s struggling to make ends meet and her father’s in hospital. A terrifying run in with the law sends her spiralling into a world that runs parallel with our own. Therein lies a City. One in the nexus of a storm where hell is quite literally about to boil over, and the only ones who can stop it are severely burnt out. If the looming Meltdown isn't halted, our world is next in line to be swamped. Only Kimie and a small group of people can turn things around, if they aren't fried first. The stakes are high, there's no way home, and reality's about to blow off a whole lot of steam in one colossal Meltdown that’s sure to be the ultimate blast. The countdown begins.