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2022.08.06 03:19


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Epub mobi descargar ebooks FLIRTING (2 BOOKS IN 1)


Stop wasting your time on poor dates and start going on great dates that count! Save time, energy, and sorrow by learning how to rapidly dismiss failures so you can concentrate on discovering the few winners! Dont attempt to modify yourself to impress guys who arent suited for you in the first place! It would help if you found the perfect guy for you, and lets be truthful, most men arent suitable for you. That is not a criticism of you or anybody else. Its the truth. It would help if you discovered a few guys who are a good match for you, your personality, and your way of life. Changing yourself to satisfy a guy is a recipe for heartache and frustration. The issue with female dating is that we spend so much time getting to know a man. We have to meet him first, then get past all of his tricks, and then find out whoS he really is... you might spend months on a person to discover hes not good for you. Im going to save you time and energy by teaching you a simple three-stage scoring system that utilizes little pieces of information about a person to evaluate if hes worth pursuing or should be eliminated. You dont even have to meet him in the first stage! Gather some information, score it, then decide whether to retain or dismiss it. Its that simple, and it only takes a few seconds. There will be no more poor pickup lines or head/heart games to distract you. You maintain control. Im rooting for you to win! I want you to be your gorgeous self and discover the ideal partner for you! Find love, and youll find happiness! Most importantly, discover it all for yourself!