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[PDF/Kindle] SuperMars by Ellis Silver

2022.08.10 07:57

SuperMars. Ellis Silver


ISBN: 9781838369002 | 434 pages | 11 Mb
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In Humans Are Not From Earth, ecologist and environmentalist Dr. Ellis Silver proved we couldn't have evolved on this planet. Now he looks at where we really came from - and where we might be heading. A Mars-like planet would suit us better than the Earth, so why did we end up here, on the wrong planet? Could there be another planet Mars in another solar system or another galaxy? Could our ancestors still be living there? Could we find it and live there too? We only have a few hundred million years left on Earth. As the Sun grows hotter, the plants will die and the planet will become uninhabitable. Mars could become our home for the next five billion years. In fact, it will have to - we have no choice. But when the Sun expands into a red giant and consumes the inner planets, Mars will become red hot. And then what? This far-reaching book looks at our real history, including our evolution on another planet and our arrival on Earth, and the many changes we've undergone since we settled here. There's a detailed comparison of Earth, Mars, and our original home planet. And then we take a fascinating look at our possible future, from terraforming Mars, colonizing frozen moons, and building artificial worlds, to planet-hopping in other star systems, and (maybe) surviving the end of the universe.

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