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Download PDF Like It or Not by Amy G. Dalia

2022.08.14 17:11

Like It or Not. Amy G. Dalia

Like It or Not

ISBN: 9798985814927 | 380 pages | 10 Mb
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When all the world's a stage... who will you be? Gabe Tomorrow can change everything. Sixteen-year-old Gabe stands on a precipice. His whole life, Gabe has felt trapped in a life he loathes and a body that isn't true to who he is. Meeting a boy isn't part of his plan, but by the end of the night he's given Orlando his heart, his phone number, and the wrong name! What will happen when they meet again after Gabe transitions? Orlando Orlando can't stop thinking about the green-eyed girl he met at his Touchstone's masquerade party. Heartbroken when she vanishes the next day, he throws himself into painting, bad poetry, and begging his best friend to spill what he knows. When a new school year starts, he is stunned and flustered by the new boy, whose eyes look just the like ones he's been painting for months. His confusion builds when Gabe starts flirting with him... and he wants to flirt back! But can he let go of Rose to give Gabe a chance? LIKE IT OR NOT is a contemporary Young Adult retelling of William Shakespeare's As You Like It. This story contains themes of loss, parental rejection, misgendering, dysphoria, suicidal ideation, transphobia, and homophobia. Ultimately, my hope is that they're handled in a way that is uplifting, but if these are triggering for you, please read with caution.

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