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Online Read Ebook Full: A Novel by Julia Spiro

2022.08.15 22:47

Full: A Novel. Julia Spiro

Full: A Novel

ISBN: 9781542033558 | 252 pages | 7 Mb
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Ebook for mobile phones download Full: A Novel by Julia Spiro 9781542033558


To her followers, she advocates for an authentic and transparent life. In reality, she’s living a perfect lie. Wellness influencer Ava Maloney’s enormous success is based on total transparency, extolling the well-documented virtues of her full, balanced life. But the truth is, Ava’s social media platform is built on a lie. And her double life is beginning to take its toll. Escaping Los Angeles for a luxury wellness retreat on Martha’s Vineyard, Ava believes she can get everything back on track. No fans will be the wiser to the real reason for her visit. With the help of the other guests, staff, and a supportive local, Ava begins regaining control of her body, her mind, and her life. Except someone is onto her, threatening to expose the secret she’s hidden for so long. Ava was prepared to face her demons, but not publicly. Not yet. The fallout might also force Ava to finally reconcile who she’s been pretending to be with who she actually is—a woman discovering the real meaning of a full and balanced life.

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