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[PDF/Kindle] Penniless Hearts by Eve Gaal

2022.08.26 06:15

Penniless Hearts by Eve Gaal

Free book in pdf format download Penniless Hearts (English literature)

Download Penniless Hearts PDF

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Free book in pdf format download Penniless Hearts (English literature)


It is almost Christmas, and Penny is not at her desk. Feeling that everyone takes her for granted, Penny itches for adventure. Enter Captain Dan Losegg. On a whim, Penny abandons all responsibilities and dashes off to Hawaii with the charming pilot. But before she can say Aloha, trouble is brewing faster than Kona coffee. Can Penny get out of the dangerous situation, and return safely to everyone's heart? This is the large print edition of Penniless Hearts, with a larger font / typeface for easier reading.

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