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Download PDF Spider-Girl: The Complete

2022.08.27 21:17

Spider-Girl: The Complete Collection Vol. 4 by Sean McKeever, Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, Casey Jones, Pat Olliffe

Audio book book download Spider-Girl: The Complete Collection Vol. 4 in English

Download Spider-Girl: The Complete Collection Vol. 4 PDF

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Audio book book download Spider-Girl: The Complete Collection Vol. 4 in English


The return of the Soldiers of the Serpent! Spider-Girl has battled them before and come out ahead. But this time, the group has united behind an enigmatic, powerful leader — and May Parker’s spider powers might not be enough to save her this time. Meanwhile, May’s romantic life takes a sudden left turn, a crisis brews at Midtown High, the Scarlet Spider returns…and a new gang war breaks out in New York City! The rivalry between the Kingpin and challenger Canis has heated up — but can Spider-Girl end the violence before the death of a classic Marvel villain? Elsewhere, more deadly foes are popping up, all guided by a mysterious agenda! To them, Spider-Girl is just a troublemaker — but the Black Tarantula thinks she’s destined for more! Guest-starring Darkdevil and Kaine the corrupted clone! COLLECTING: Spider-Girl (1998) 51-67

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