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{epub download} All Around Bustletown: Nighttime by Rotraut Susanne Berner

2022.08.28 10:21

All Around Bustletown: Nighttime. Rotraut Susanne Berner

All Around Bustletown: Nighttime

ISBN: 9783791374901 | 14 pages | 3 Mb
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Bustletown’s many fans will delight in this nocturnal return trip, which finds the village’s beloved people, animals, and streetscapes as fun and busy as ever. No matter what time of year, the inhabitants of Bustletown are busy working, walking, playing, eating, making music, exercising, and shopping. Now, even though it’s nighttime, the fun hasn’t stopped. Just as Berner’s previous explorations of the town have brilliantly evoked the sights and colors of the seasons, here she bathes the town in shimmering darkness that throws evening activities into fascinating relief. Seven colorful and incredibly detailed spreads take readers inside a multi-generational house, a farm, a railway station, a community center, a marketplace, a department store, and a park with a lake. Readers will return again and again to these pages to discover everything that takes place in Bustletown during the late hours: a burglar tries to break into the dental office, the bookshop features “books for a good night,” fireworks explode above the lake, and a slumber party is raging in the library. And as they search on each page for their favorite returning characters, they’ll create their own stories about all the things you can do after the sun sets.

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