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Read [Pdf]> Pledging Season by Erika Erickson Malinoski

2022.09.06 19:35

Pledging Season by Erika Erickson Malinoski

Free audio books mp3 download Pledging Season

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Download Pledging Season

Free audio books mp3 download Pledging Season


On a world long-lost to Earth, brilliant scientist Ya'shul has everything a man could ask for: the honor of caring for his family, the opportunity to help conceive children, and a groundbreaking chance to prove he's just as good at science as any woman. Despite the matriarchy he lives in, he's poised to have it all—until the woman he loves gets sole credit for the discovery that should have made his career. Only one person truly values what Ya'shul can do. Wanderer Andeshe knows the looming solar storms will destroy her people's nomadic way of life—unless she and Ya'shul can work together to save the giant pterosaurs her family depends on. But as the unlikely allies plunge deeper into a web of shifting loyalties, ruthless politics, and fragile trust, they must wrestle with the toughest question of all. When is the price of success too high to pay? Perfect for fans of Dragon Riders of Pern and The Left Hand of Darkness, Erika Malinoski's debut, Pledging Season, brings to light the inequalities of sexism and gender discrimination in a gripping alternate reality where gender norms are turned on their head in a powerful matriarchal society. Click "Add to Cart" today! Content Advisory: Contains explicit consensual sex, no violence.

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