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Read [pdf]> Confessions About Colton by Olivia Harvard

2022.09.07 13:48

Confessions About Colton. Olivia Harvard

Confessions About Colton

ISBN: 9781989365106 | 352 pages | 9 Mb
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Seven clues, seven steps closer to a killer . . . Bringing us into a world of unrelenting suspense, Olivia Harvard’s astonishing debut explores the ravages of grief and betrayal through the eyes of a teenage boy coping with a heartbreaking loss and its revelations . . . The unthinkable has happened: Colton Crest is dead. And Elliot, Colton’s best friend, is the one who finds him brutally murdered. As Elliot struggles to put the pieces of his shattered life back together, Colton’s funeral only brings more confusion and heartbreak. Someone has placed a note in Elliot’s pocket claiming to be Colton’s killer. And in a sickening twist, they offer to provide a series of clues that will help Elliot find out their identity. Consumed with rage and grief, Elliot has no choice but to follow where the confessions lead. But with each new revelation, it becomes clear that Colton had a strange and secret other life. Elliot isn’t sure of anything anymore. Is he tracking down the killer? Or is the killer tracking him? In his search for the truth, Elliot vows to see this sick game to the end, no matter the cost.

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