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{pdf download} Breathe: 33 Simple Breathwork Practices by Shanila Sattar

2022.09.09 05:17

Breathe: 33 Simple Breathwork Practices. Shanila Sattar

Breathe: 33 Simple Breathwork Practices

ISBN: 9781631068270 | 160 pages | 4 Mb
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Breathe into a healthier and happier you. We are often taught to disregard symptoms of anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and other common imbalances as part of our everyday lives. But what if you could completely change your life and balance your health just by mindfully breathing? Breathwork is a 2,500-year-old practice and one of the greatest healing tools used around the world. In this essential guide, you will learn how to breathe intentionally and properly, so you can live your best life. Fourth-generation sound healer, wellness coach, and creator of AlwaysPlay Studios, Shanila Sattar will take you through the science behind breathwork so you can turn mindful breathing into a habit with thirty-three simple breathwork exercises that you can practice at any time. Broken up into five categories— mood, energy, inner healing, sleep, and relaxing and grounding—the exercises make it easy for you totransform your life. Learn how to use your senses to enhance your breathing practice. Check in on your breathing patterns with a breathwork inventory page. Create your very own breathing tool kit made by you for you. With Breathe, you’ll be able to: Reduce feelings of anxiety and stress Boost your mood and energy Improve your sleep Find some inner healing Relax and ground yourself Better manage chronic pain And much more! Breathe in the calm and find more joy in your days.  

Breathe: 33 Simple Breathwork Practices (Live Well): Amazon
Breathe into a healthier and happier you. We are often taught to disregard symptoms of anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and other common imbalances as part of 
Breathe: 33 Simple Breathwork Practices - ThriftBooks
Buy a cheap copy of Breathe: 33 Simple Breathwork Practices book by Shanila Sattar. Breathe into a healthier and happier you.Format: HardcoverWeight: 0.92 lbsPublisher: Quarto Publishing Group USADimensions: 0.8" x 6.0" x 8.0"$17.86 · ‎Free delivery‎ · ‎In stock
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33 Simple Breathwork Practices (Live Well) (libro en Inglés)
Libro Breathe: 33 Simple Breathwork Practices (Live Well) (libro en Inglés), Shanila Sattar, ISBN 9781631068270. Comprar en Buscalibre - ver opiniones y 
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