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2019.02.02 11:03


WATCH Finding Fortress






fortress handrail

I love this movie :)

Thnk u for excellent upload

briggs fortress


hoo its nice movie :D



nice commander keen avatar

been planing for sometime now.

what is the song?

Where can I watch this full movie online for free?

много гуро - мало смысла, ТОГО самого фильма о войне видимо не дождусь никогда

Excellent film reminding us of the bravery of these Red Army soldiers. Highly recommend this film..

@xxiiReCoNzZ The name is The Brest Fortress. This is the original track for this trailer.

fortress padlock

This is a very scientific and objective video but easy to watch. Even though I agree with these videos, I place myself as the skeptic and look for holes but this is one of the most air tight presentations as of late..

This movie is by far the best movie i have ever seen. It is such a terrible story that i dont think i will ever watch it again. This movie leaves you with feeling of how horrible a place Brest Fortress was. If you havent seen this movie. Go download/buy/whatever, just take youre time and see it!.

It makes me happy knowing that I wasn't the only one searching for this horrendous movie for over 20 years.

Why was I so obsessed with this movie when I was 12. 30 years later and I still remember every word. Lol one of the best sci fi i have ever scene. good movie, I recommend it. the movie is so very good . i whatching lot of' action

I've always found it really awkward trying to recommend a movie called The Brest Fortress seeing as they usually think its a porno when I say the name... Wow,commies invade polish area,then kill lots of Nazis to create a cold war for decades,maybe America should have nuked this area instead of nagasaki,but today 72 per cent of Nato nukes pointed at Russia,the western homos and their husbands want war !.. FUCK I AM SICK OF SEEING THIS SHIT ON TV!  Loved this movie, had a 'lord of the flies' feel to it. Wonder if it's on DVD somewhere.


Because they make a fortress

Watched this as a 9 year old kid when it just released, it made me really uneasy back then.

This does not look bad. I am suprised.

Finding+fortress 2

Wish you had a financial backer and offered free. Like the other versions already all over the place.

Самый лучшей фильм про вторую мировую,так по мне он лучше рядового райана =3

I remember enjoying this movie when it aired on HBO years ago. This trailer aired a few days later and I told my dad what a good movie it was and he laughed at me..

музыка отличная, по взрослому, да :))

kid fortress

illuminati Why haven't more people watched this trailer!! WHY!!!  finding the right app developer If this movie was remade the visual effects would be spectacular - this one of the better made sci fi movies from the 90`s.And it was shot entirely in Australia.. This movie used to scare me as a kid. Loved it! Can't wait to watch it finding a software developer

can someone reply me with the link of this movie with english subtitles

One does not simply take on the Red Army. socialist v commies. only wish they had wiped each other out. not a great film but great effects



lets admit the Russians did the majority of brutal fighting... look at Stalingrad for example, that became a fist on fist, knife on knife situation pretty fast, in short the Russians kicked ass! and i aint being biased, because im British.... Mark those words by 0:48 Hahaha have been looking for this for a while, my favorite part was then the boss tried to kill the black guy with the bomb in their head and it did not work and the black guy gave the scary evil laught just to die 2 sec later.

@Zozano best voice acting ever, u saw that on the DVD trailer right? is it in the actual movie?


first movie i saw in cinema i was ten lol one of the greatest movie

heroscape fortress Tell me more so I can Google it. Hello, I ask you to make this documentary available in Portuguese as soon as possible. Thank you. When I was kid that Santa guy scared the crap outta me lol

@theluxifer18 The Brest Fortress as you can see;) @GTRPrime Yeah well you sound like a moron when you add German words into an English spelt paragraph. It's just annoying and quite frankly retarded, you look like a dam fool hippy. I usually never care about peoples alliteration but this just annoyed me so much I had to respond..


i saw this on tv maybe 10-12 years ago and for some reason the masks stayed in my head since and ive been searching for this FOREVER and all i had got was wicker man and finally found it!!.