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In macos x subtitles french german Dead Again in Tombstone

2019.02.02 13:47


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Kind of weird how Jon Bernthal is playing a Neo Nazi, considering his ancestry, By the way I'm pretty hyped to see Nikolaj in more movies. You're a horrible human and I hope bad things happen to you for spamming crap like this in videos.. is that jaime lannister ???? lol Machete, machete, machete, machete! Any idea who did the song in the second half?

This is basically Spawn... Same exact story line.

One of the best movies I've seen in ages.

holy smoke!!!! can't wait to watch it, looks damn good



Just a Western version of Machete.

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It has the Kingslayer AND the Punisher I mean what else do you want here seriously

man what happened to Bottles, I liked his character, such a good movie. I haven't seen the film yet, but it seems the trailer shows too much maybe? the ghost rider prequel  1:29 The Undertaker Style ;D Kind of reminds me of blood in blood out but for the aryan side of it. totally would watch this. Was hesitant to watch this movie, so glad I did. So many words, great plot, awesome acting, suspenseful—JUST WATCH IT.

love this movie danny trejo plays great in this movie!!!



Szuper jó film, mindenkinek csak ajánlani tudom. Absolutely amazing movie. If you liked Wind River, No Country For Old Men and American History X - you will like this movie. Brilliant movie. One car accident and he's in Pelican Bay bs lame male soap opera Jon Bernthal was outstanding in this movie!

I usually don't like these types of movies, but it had me hooked beginning to end! 👌🏼

Man this movie was terrible.

Seriously... stop watching the trailer now!!!! before it ruins the movie, just go and watch it.

Lets hope they dont make a third.


@mfudoiz Well, it turned out to be very easy to find. I just watched it there:


whens this come out?

this movie looks so damn good

Captain Morten and

the Spider Queen

Watch no login.

Ghost rider/ Red dead redemption?

third. second was bad ass

I would love to see how a SJW handles prison.

so shane from TWD and Jamie from GOT this should be good Cool ad

amazing movie]


Jaime Lannister and Shane Walsh 😁

Ser Jaime Lannister teams up with the Punisher!


This movie was a great movie. It is a major eye opener.

B.R.M.C. yeah¡¡¡ I can say that after watching this movie, it felt real, it has hard and man..that score/music gave it true feeling. 8/10. Plot twist in the end he's a undercover cop :)