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2019.02.03 19:48


➡▶➡▶ download* stream The Who: Tommy Live at The Royal Albert Hall ⟵⟵⟵⟵




Ahhhhh babe this is amazing <3 so proud, this show looks killer! :).

Amazing trailer, can't wait to buy it.


Rien n'est plus merveilleux les garçons ! Merci ! albert hall

I can see myself!!!! Omg, my dream is gonna come true :D


can't wait for it! THE WHO Roger should sing for the LORD. JESUS Christ is LORD. forever amien. CANT WAIT!!!!! of light entry Mon the Bugg man! Good for you Jake Bugg.  I very rarely remark on any media, just not about all the hype.  I just had to say congrats and hope your dreams continue..

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 need to get this!  Immer diese Rockmusik- oder Klassikpuristen! Ich jedenfalls (seit frühester Jugend Fan von z.B. The Who und div. klassischer Musik!) finde dieses Projekt einfach nur großartig und geil!. once in a 20 years a unique star like Jake Bugg is born Like I just seen you play in Winnipeg last month with the black keys, and you were honestly so great :) Simple LEGENDS Pete any chance of a new solo album?

Jake 3 3 3

It's beautiful to see those scenes of you with your guitar, playing, singing... It's just so exciting and amazing. I'm so proud of you Jake, see you the next weekend :) i can't wait for it..

Should change name from the who to the two

I need it

Really, no words. He killed me. 


In spain too?


Excelente!! estare esperando la fecha para comprarlo, pero mas que nada ya estoy esperando este proximo miercoles 19 de Noviembre aqui en Guadalajara, en el Teatro Estudio Cavarte para verte en vivo Jake Bugg!!.

Que bonitooo. 💗

Great stuff, as always! Rock on lads!


I don't like

That bass player is no Ox.

I loved this song and rock opera since it first came out in 1968..

Zak Starkey doing a wonderful tribute to his godfather Keith Moon

Oh the English x of fame LO QUIEROOOOOOOOOOO YAAAA!!!! <3

The Who... the reason why I'm a musician, period.

Now if they'd gotten Robert Pollard to sing lead this woulda been something! They should Sing Jesus Christ SuperStar Abby. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs Lo quiero, lo deseo, mis oídos lo necesitan.


That is not 1968? of light 最近のわけわからん曲より全然すき I bought mine today and i'm so excited ;) Jake Bugg and Johnny Marr on the same stage??!!! AWESOME!!! Perfect!! 😍😍 MISS YOU JOHN! What's pinball? this is like watching your dad do something he thinks is cool