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Watch Via Vpn On Smart Tv Torrent Naughty Grandma 2 132

2019.02.03 23:58


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2018 1 of December

Naughty+Grandma+2 3 naughty dog last of us 2 We tried to watch Dirty Grandpa last night ,we love De Niro, he is a legend, but what a HUGE disappointment to see a titan like him starring in a second hand movie, the dialogues which underestimate the average level of intelligence, seem to be written by porn intoxicated teens and addressed to the same public target ! There is no plot, nothing, just a bunch of retarded characters hanging around. ..sorry, we couldn't watch up to the end. someone said : from Godfather to Dirty Grandfather, man, you are a legend, you don't need to lower yourself this way ! .

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