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2019.02.04 08:00


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υπεροχη ταινια, μπραβο ειχαμε χρονια να δουμε κατι εξιολογο και ελληνικο! χιλια μπραβο. My personal opinion on who they should have chosen for the cast. Light(Thomas Dekker) Sayu(Ariel Winter) Soichiro(Bryan Cranston) Sachiko(Michelle Fairley) Misa(Emily Browning or Dakota Fanning) L(Robert Pattinson maybe). Why did we hear a shell casing hit the floor after he shot a revolver? Based on true facts, The Last Note is a moving account of the execution of two hundred Crete prisoners during World War II at the hands of German occupiers. Much of the movie is devoted to the sometimes strained relationship between the concentration camp Commandant and his Crete translator/interpreter. The movie examines that relationship both from the perspective of the Commandant and from the perspective of the interpreter. Divided loyalties exist on both sides of that relationship; in the end those conflicts are resolved the only way that it could be - through passive and active opposition, not reconciliation. The deliberate pace of the movie is essential to the impact of the movie. The courage and fortitude of the patriots, and how that courage is portrayed in this movie, will stay with you days after having seen this movie..

I wonder how the other characters would look like(for ex.Matsuda & Near..well,if they're in it at all)Maybe this show isn't as bad as it seems Όαση στην έρημο του Ελληνικου αστυνομικού κινηματογράφου..το ελληνικο Seven..συγχαρητήρια!!! I suspect it will go straight to video.


This movie is Jewish propaganda garbage.


I really liked the first part of this film. It informed me about the occupation of Greece during WWII, something I knew little about prior to this. I especially enjoyed the way the German captors were portrayed. Some scenes were a little unnerving and I only assume they were based on historical sources. The reason I didn't give this film a higher rating? The last part of it was too melodramatic and drawn out for too long. It was just too obvious what was going to happen by that point. Other than shortening I'm not sure how else the ending could be improved & can't give a better score as it is..


Μόλις είδα την ταινία,ότι και να πω είναι λίγο! Απίστευτη ταινία


συγχαρητήρια!! τα λόγια περισσεύουν. 220.. I'm scared


Read my entire comment before attacking: This looks like a good movie, 1: Willem Dafoe voicing Ryuk does sound pretty cool even if maybe you guys think the voice doesn't match. forums/topic/usenet-love-in-bora-bora-18/. When i watched this movie I was thinking this the gorest vilont movie ive ever seen

No spoliers:) there is a section were Light goes to the bathroom but right be for he walks in to the LDIES bathroom he goes to the men's bathroom edit: sorry there sould be a A before the D.

what a proper S$%T film

ίσως η καλύτερη Ελληνική ταινία στην κατηγορία της