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2019.02.04 08:57


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The best I've seen... greetings from Italy. Not Switzerland second Switzerland first 🇨🇭😂🇨🇭 Wenn du nicht weisst, wer die schönste Person ist, dann lies das 2. Wort... und dann das 3.... :3 I wonder if trump actually watches these

Die Jasscharte ''Trumpf'' im Vergliech mit em Trump muss ich mir merke...! :D Switzerland, thwelfe point Shwexit fantástico Your friends got their flag from us. I spat out my drink just then #MAKEAMERICAGREATBRITIANAGAIN loving these videos as a Dutch girl, if ya gonna hate this, than ya truly have no humor. Free Full Expedition Happiness Streaming Online Part 1 in Hindi. Trump is great


the best one and the best impersonation! Eis vo de beste 😂 We don't even want your money, we already have it Brilliant! xD Genial!!!


Best one!!! 😍😜 Switzerland First America Second haha This '2nd' hype left no doupt that US ' FIRST Why all other countries stole this kind of video from The Netherlands ? No hate... Glückwunsch. ihr seid #1 auf den Trends Great job. Greetings from Canada Coming from a Swiss person, this is great, perfect depiction of my country! :)

Immerno s beste Land uf dere Welt! <3

Öpert schwizer

nederland is beterr😂🎉

Switzerland is the only true democracy in Europa. They humble the Merkel regime in neighboring Germany on a daily basis by having punctual trains..

America is the laughing stock of the world 😂




Sehr geil!

Best one so far.

We grabbed them by the civil rights! And they let us do it!

Warum so viele dislikes ? Welcome Switzerland. You have win. America first! Switzerland second! omg x) I'm Swiss and just.. Omg 😂 every-one fakes this from zondag met Lubach? Brilliant! Schweizer Qualität. Beste Grüße aus Deutschland. The netherlands is not totally flat so this video is not right, Fake news


Wow im from the Netherlands and i think this is the best video ive seen hahaha





Amazing and funny video! Greetings from Slovenia

Ils parlent de la Suisse et il y aucun français ou Allemand ou italien ou Romenche qui commente.

America first. POLAND FIRSTER!

Super divertido.... arriba Suiza!!

nice template 0:45