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2019.02.04 15:19


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Awesome movie! ❤️ found the movie amusing! sometimes we're fixated on being with a certain individual that sometimes we don't see that there is something special right in front of us.. Makes a lot more sense now because the first time I watched it I had no clue what the hell was happening and I wasn’t paying attention. It's not actually a cliche movie.

Huh very beautiful movie💝💝💝💝 luv Carrie and Noah british parlimentary is where it's at tho - get with it Netflix

God, in the first 10 minutes a guys boyfriend is introduced as my partner. Really??? #so '90's The trailer makes it look shit but its actually a very good movie It’s funny but not a binge watching series. After 3 episodes they got really annoying. Separate the series maybe two at a time. Oh look.. Another movie about a guy who cant handle being just friends with a girl! Original. This is why you shouldnt watch the trailer before the movie,still a good movie but just dont


yawn, who finds this funny? a story about pretty much nothing. What's the premise, oh 'friends from college'.


That is so not funny.. i didn't even crack a smile at any joke

Had me wanting to hold my girlfriend and never let go. We were both crying by the end.

Annnnndd I've pretty much seen the whole show. Thank you.


I see Crazy eye finally got her life together.