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2019.02.05 04:58


➙➠➙➠ WATCH The Ornithologist ⇦⟵⇦⟵





Oh my,claire and david so cute.. thought it was gonna be gay i'll pass :/


What the story about again.?.I still can't get it..🤘😯😕🤘🏹


I made this video have 1k likes. I'm the 1000th like blueray bollywood blueray media


So it´s a cult See? American always blame Islam but they actually worst than Islam itself grimm got weird the trailer could have been better done... and the background music...terrible! Lots of racists in the comments where i find this movie? i need right now راءع انا مغربي موجب اريد سالب رقم واتسابي هو212658621281

batman superman blueray

batman blueray

Not the Caucasian version of Burning Sands...

I saw this its stupid an hour an change of simulated hazing scenes no point

No my dear, this is not a FraternityX video, if you know what I mean...

this is how american make friends in college; this is just sick

Why do people waste a time to this nonsense group?.Do they earn HIGH and Good Grades in school?.

Watch THE SKULLS if you have not already...based on truth..the leading politicians in American history and lawyers doctors etc were part of this society...I hate fraternities, but for some it is a stepping stone to power and being set for life...pretty much making a deal with the devil....

blueray sale same as Goat movie.. Are the sex scenes real? or did they just make it look that way. Looks scarier then most scray movies. I think I'm gonna like the realistic horror. Imma need everyone in the comments to realize that this is obviously not ALL fraternities or sororities. Let's not generalize an entire culture/community based off of a damn movie. horror blueray ❤❤❤ I started laughing towards the end of the trailer where it was like gut-wrenching noise phenomenal noise harrowing noise timeless -noise-....etc I thought that was gonna go on forever lmao.

already saw Goat thanks I was expecting a hot gay movie. Not a trashy horror film 😑. blueray duplicator Haha 90% ppl came cuz of the thumbnail lol. blueray recorders


Wow David's hot damn this looks bad LOL, I've never seen David in anything outside of Grimm so seeing him in such a silly movie is really funny to me :). I also think it's funny that they put Claire Coffee in it too, which just adds on another layer of Grimm-themed amusement. Definitely going to see this when it comes out!. wifi blueray Nordic Gods own country😖...plagiarism!! Shame vcr blueray Not only was I grossly queerbaited but also the whitest lead actor to ever exist was disgusted by the hot ass gay kiss??? They really THOUGHT I was going to pay actual money to watch this mess on a big screen gtfo.

👍😄🔥💋❤🌍🌹🌈🎼 I would never participate in these shit no matter how unpopular I would be The, Ornithologist… Watch - Online This is David. NICK. PERIOD. Lmao this is hilarious Thats hot Straights fool us again The person named Kirk Curran in this movie HE IS MY UNCLE! The! Ornithologist. moviescounter shoulda put a comically part in the trailer

Why does this have so many Grimm traits!? Nick burkhardt, Adalind, German friend, Oregon..

Wicked world.