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2019.02.08 07:18


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Hello Grace. I'll like to talk bout the comment you made with respect to the age difference between Lupita and Madina's characters. But FIRST, I'm typing from my PC so no emojis ;( , but I literally start my day with you everyday. You've made watching movies more than fun. Now I watch with a fairly educated eye. Both with respect to the art and the business. And as a creative with a rigorous business school background - born, bred, working in Cameroon, Africa; PRICELESS. Thank you. Meanwhile not trying to be stereotypical, most women from relatively poorer backgrounds who don't have the opportunity to further their education early on usually marry and have kids relatively earlier. The popular move is to go BACK to school, university usually (college to you :)) when their kids are old enough to at least care for themselves and their siblings enough to do without Mom's undivided attention. And African mother's especially with that character's background just want us all to have like 6 Phds each and 10 masters. why? Because it is safe. They just want us to be okay given our generally lower (!) income. Nuances of our culture :) I was secretly praying you'll do a reaction video to the trailer because it is interesting to see how movies like these, I'm thinking Beasts of No Nation, Concussion to a lesser extent, and the Marvel movies more recently, portray Africa. Well ... UNDERSTAND and bring to screen the nuances of Africa's rich visual and cultural diversity. And this is REALLY important to us African millennials (29 here) who feel it is is our responsibility as individuals to rebrand Africa and are working VERY hard on that everyday. I've lost my train of thought, so I'll land: though these movies are made chiefly for American audiences, it is very important to us who work hard day and night that if our culture is milked by Hollywood, for our sake and our Children's sake (alil deep there lol) that it is at least done right. Reason we are ALL watching T'Challa and that Black Panther Movie very very closely. (Boseman nailed the accent, by the way. Though it is more Southern African, than it is Central/East Africa). This is really long lol, and I hope you'll get a second to read through. Thank you again for your hard work and sacrifice, Grace..

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Damn....does anyone know who sings the soundtrack...sounds like Leona Lewis. thanks for watching this trailer. I came to know about this movie by your video. I will definitely wacth this movie. thanks again She has a magical smile. Watch & TV! Series. online, Queen, of. Katwe queen of katwe review Queen, of… Katwe, in… hindi, download Great review Grace. I was always going to see this at the cinema but now I'll definitely be seeing this on opening day.

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This movie will be not even break even with production, promotion and distribution costs.


queen of katwe reviews Watch - Queen. of, Katwe & Online - Megavideo So happy that they finally have a Uganda movie because I'm close from qatae 👍🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Queen+of+kate middleton et le prince