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2019.02.08 07:20


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It was important to recognize the work of Mr Ramanujan for his efforts and achievements in Mathematics. It was important to consider him as one of the most brilliant minds ever existed in the history of this earth from the land of brilliance, excellence and intelligence..

Bakwaas acting..👎👎👎👎

Ramanujan the great mathematician 💪

For.Smart.4K.The.Man.Who.Knew.infinity blade

I proved of you ramajarun


best movies for mathematicians. clearer formula e=mc2 hahahaha

Kash maths ka novel hota...

Every1 should know about him and should proud ...


Good movie

Why dislikes for this vedio. No matter how talented you are you will not be recognised until western people accept you very unfortunate.

Well this is wrong orignally ramanunjan was an ordinary child im his childhood

Great my favorite hero I want this movie dubbed in hindi For.Smart.4K.The.Man.Who.Knew.infinity auto For.Smart.4K.The.Man.Who.Knew.infinity


Where is this movie playing? It says it was released on the 8th of April, but I can't find it anywhere. ?... 7:00 .... what good is intelligence if not tempered by moral considerations ? .... nice speech, but .... K-Pax : No, I can't tell you. You would only blow yourselves up with it..

For.Smart.4K.The.Man.Who.Knew.infinity auto insurance

What a inspirational movie Mathematics oh dIvame...:(

Can you give an link for those movies pleasee

For.Smart.4K.The.Man.Who.Knew.infinity 2 Devi(Goddess) was everything to him, she told him everything..

Better not show this movie to my parents

For.Smart.4K.The.Man.Who.Knew.infinity 2.0 For.Smart.4K.The.Man.Who.Knew.infinity ward Niceeeeee