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Merry Christmas Mr. Mo Mac

2019.02.09 16:27


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when i was in college, i took understanding of modern dance class. professor asked us to do a dance performance as the final report. i spent the whole semester without prepping, and then one day before the performance day, i came to listen to this music. something occurred inside me then and i decided to improvise dance to this music. so i did, professor gave me A minus as i remember correctly. it was a surreal experience and 20 years later now i can still feel the thrill, tense and humor of my act and this beautiful music. thanks for all who read my little story :-).

You went full retard Hollywood, never go full retard.. LOVE IT MADE MY THANKSGIVING THE BEST AN FUNNIEST.WITH LARRY THE CABLE GUY BUT MADEA IS THE BOMB KEEP US LAUGHING MADEA/TYLER dat boi dcyoung fly in movies he made it salute I wonder what Mr. Sakamoto is thinking of as he plays this. His face is serene, with an occasional smile. I decided to rewatch the video since I remembered how amazing this was and noticed a lot of french comments and tchiki tchiki? Can anyone give any context here as to why that is?

this was a funny movie, I loved it My fav line from the movie: “Did u hear the one about the straight bullet that killed the redneck for tellin th one about the two rabbis and a black dude?” 😂😂😂😂


Just got done seeing this , and it was really good

Didn't this movie have a different name a few months ago?

Enfaite les 500dislikes vous dislikez pour quoi?😂


This was rly hilarious i love madea this looks funny I'm so glad that Monique is back !!! can't wait to see this 😃 Tchiki tchiki tchiki tchiki I seen this last night.Loved it.Good story and good acting. Straight to the soul and heart