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2019.02.10 19:18


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Hillary? is that u? I'm on Big foots side. Obviously. Another animal (if it existed) that would be demonised and hunted to extinction. If anyone meets or see's him don't tell a soul. The horror here are the hunters. Rest in peace Andre The Giant

They should add Wendigo to the title. Like Primal Rage: Wrath of the Wendigo. Because that thing looks like Bigfoot at first but nope it turned out that it's much more than that since I can see it's bones peaking out of it's flesh like it's skull for instance. And when the Native American in this trailer pointed it out that There's a creature that lives in these woods. That was so ancient that my tribe leader's spirits have come to life. and that the bones of the creature are showing in some parts of it's body brought out it's true identity. The Native American legendary creature known as the Wendigo. The Native Americans in the trailers explanation of the creature which a part of it was referring to a mental syndrome called Wendigo Psychosis which causes anyone to have a craving for human flesh that they immediately transform into a Wendigo themselves by something that triggers it which is a fear of becoming a cannibal themselves. Wendigo's appearance looks like that of popular zombies. They are creatures that grow larger every time they devour human flesh. But the worse part of that is that they are never full. They can also walk through time and space which they can chase you, find you, stalk you and never give up until you are good as dead and eaten. It has been said that when a Wendigo has you it it's sight there's no escape. Which that is it's meaning and it's the worst of them all. And also it's been said that they only come out in winter and some tundra times around the Great Lakes Region. But Wendigo can appear in different forms like the manlike deer zombie appearance even the appearance of a hulking ape Bigfoot just like what it's appearance is in this trailer..

I remember getting both of those dolls! Lol




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Wieso werden Tiere und Affen in Filmen immer so schlecht und böse gemacht😯

No wonder Yetis are not wanting to be found yet, they think we would hunt them.

The creater is me when I have not eaten in 2secs