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2019.02.10 20:48


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Excellent Movie. Great acting! I Love her movies. She really comes across wonderfully showing the emotional side of the script without words. I certainly look forward to seeing this little leading man in other movies. He has a great acting career ahead of him. This movie isn't about pedophilia, although she is very sensual in her movements, leading us to wonder if the movie will take that turn, but never does. The leading Actress feels with all the education, she could've or should've been more talented or recognized for her efforts. When she sees the extraordinary talent in the boy, she only wishes to harness the gift he has. To help him earn his place in this world, where other people in his circle aren't capable. However, she feels invisible to the world and she's on a downward spiral of self destruction. This adds to her obsession to help the young talented boy realize a dream bigger than he or anybody in his circle could ever possible recognize. In the end, she takes it to far. Great ending... No. I won't give that away..


This propaganda is nauseating

Hey I'll gladly watch this. Mainly cuz I know they don't die. 😂😂😂.

yeah, you make me watch TWO ads before your video starts? I'm not watching your content..

Clint Eastwood's worst directed movie yet. His best ones are of course Bird, Unforgiven, Bridges of Madison County, Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby and Letters From Iwo Jima..

Don’t quite get the boys point of view after calling the cops but then comforted her and still wanted to share poetry at the end.. guess he appreciated her but knew the whole deal was wrong...

Talks with Chairs makes yet another yawn-fest glorifying the military. Talented directors are always exploring new material - less talented ones find a niche demographic to service, then keep doing that.. i am Uncomfortable™ AGAIN THE AMERICLANS SAVE THE WORD!!!! She cray

Pretty cool that they got the real guys to do this. Definitely American Heroes. Not only are the American Heroes but they use their bravery the save people in another country. I'll definitely be watching this film.