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2019.02.11 06:29


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The Truth About Lies is downright one of the most honest & entertaining films I have seen in a long time. Between the all-star cast and charismatic energy that each of them individually, this movie was truly a pleasure to watch. The director of the film, Phil Allocco, did a tremendous job of creating a fresh, unique script that not only held the attention of its audiences, but made them feel for the characters as human beings. The candor and frankness of Gilby's pessimistic demeanor is what I resonated most with to be honest. It seems when one unfortunate event occurs in life, several more follow and that is precisely what happens in the film. His journey of self- discovery complete with laughter-inducing mishaps is one that everyone can relate to. This film is charming, witty and just REAL. After discovering the numerous awards that it has won at various film festivals, it's easy to see why! I cannot recommend this film enough, and I will be looking forward to more projects by Mr. Allocco..


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The movie from start to end has progression that build a proper entertainer.Especially the climax.One of those kind of movie which lighten up the mood and leave you amused..


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