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2019.02.11 22:59


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I'm already in love with this film!

and the Oscar goes to...


May god bless all the israeli soldiers. And yoni's soul may rest in peace..


Since Olivia won Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival, I'm predicting they submit her for the Oscar for Best Actress and Emma Stone & Rachel Weisz for Supporting. From what I've read of the reviews, Olivia and Emma steal the show and have the best shot..



This looks so promising, it better live up to what the trailer just showed us.

Saw this last night at Fantastic Fest. People are going to lose their shit over this movie come awards season.

Gorgeous 💙💚💛

It looks interesting even though it has the same vibe as that other movie By Jamie Bell 6 Days.


This is called Perfect Medicine for terrorism.

They ought to do a movie about how United State Air Force airmen and Belgian paratroopers rescued American diplomats who were kidnapped in the Congo back in 1962.

I just came here to listen to Emma Stone speaking British


Just came back from the movie: It is AWESOME. The three main actresses are unbelievably good. it was a pretty good movie but the raid was a bit of an anti climax THE RABBITS!!! free palestine I went to see it yesterday. Stunning, soul-crushing study of a difficult love painted with beautiful soundtrack, outstanding cinematography and incredible performances from both lead actors. Best foreign language film oscar nomination guaranteed. It's a travesty the soundtrack for this masterpiece is nowhere to be found :(.

do you know da wae ?