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2019.02.12 06:19


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Bad boys! They get spanked. Then the world shakes. You grab a gun. You chuck it on someone. They chuck it on something. It chukes it at your mother. and shes chucks it on your father. Then your sister than me. You look at me and i'm holding a machete, you try to run but then you trip like in every horror movie and i stab the machete into you. THE END.

I never thought I hear Will Smith say the N-Word, omg it's hilarious

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nice movie i cant wait to watch dis idol ms. Bela Padilla😍😍

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Why do Bad Boys Like Good Girls?

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Is that good if I train three Time a week my upper body or is this to much? ( and twoo Time my legs) When you have a father in the My dad was the same way, a boy had to be brave to step to Mmmmmyaaaaaaat .............. ......... Ddyyaammmmenn!



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What was the feud between the burger bar boys and the johnson crew about? cheap car insurance for boys copper tungsten bar metal bar code labels who are the burger bar boys from birmingham? Song name is : It's Our Fight - Steve Jablonsky Your Welcome! Svaka cast na definisanim misicima..... Jacqueline Jossie 😂 me I can join the group? Patay si Empoy.. bow Bar boys bm0ax43k