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Kill the Monsters theatrical

2019.02.12 14:12


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Wait that guy at 1:07 , thats the one how get beat up by Geralt in the Killing Monsters Trailer!.



identify... Identify... IDENTIFY!!!!!!!! Why didn't they name the movie Identify?. 13:57 trailer are legit true, that place have like 5 sec moment in the game too Gosh! The 2nd trailer is flamboyant! Was the main character using some CQD movements just like Snake did?

bruxa is not included in the game, that's ironic actually


Oi mate, you got a loicence to droive that city?



deceided to complete a ng+ before doing b&w, to really get back in the game. now all of YouTube completed b&w and I haven't reached HoS yet :-D

the film was ok female lead was dull ….as they all are these days but the rest was enjoyable

Ive seen a little bit of this movie and i got so many nightmares

Im sure they grab the city moving concept from final Fantasy game. Just sayin

wow best graphics of all time???

God I love this trailer the most.