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[To Laptop] Watching Donna Summer: Disco Queen

2019.02.13 11:51


STREAM Donna Summer: Disco Queen





aquaman! first trance song ever...... weed, black lights, disco, high times, play that funky music....




No body can do this type of music today is mostly all crap music today no sense of style I remember my next door neighbors older sister saying that when this song came out in the clubs, people were in awe. They had never heard these sounds before. Many just stood and stared in their drug induced euphoria. This was really the first techno song to hit mainstream!. I heard this first on a cheap radio as i walked home from school in 1977, it was the most erotic song I'd ever heard..

I love to crank this song up (7k watts) in my car cruising love it!!! OMG was Donna ever HOTT. I remember her when she was in her prime. She was a Goddess, the Disco Queen no doubt. R.I.P. Donna..



This take me back to Studio 54! Actually I never been there before..