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2019.02.14 10:02


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I can say that all the other songs on the 2nd law are good but can we all agree that muse should stay away from dubstep? or am I the only one? We are a band because MUSE exists. Please play a proper Canadian tour. We are a band of MUSE fans. Thank you for years of great music and inspiration. Respect from Canada!. Wow this kind of show will blow us all away !!! looking forward to it! MUSE the older they get the better they are! ;) see you in zurich guys!. Watch & Muse. Online. Free - Movie... 4K

Destiny 2 + titanfall 2 = Anthem

music evolves


Muse... hindi & dubbed

I'm seeing them next April!! I'm so excited - they're my favourite band!

i thought survival was kinda epic. but you're right i didn't think as highly of it after a couple listens. i still find the madness ending amazing but not really epic. HOWEVER look up follow me. the chorus is insane! also supremacy has this killer falsetto right before this heavy 7 string riff which is awesome. i lol'd hard after hearing panic station. it's frickin crazy. it is one of the best songs ive ever heard. save me(chris's song) is decent but idk. GO LOOK THEM UP.

no theyre trying to be pendulum and modestep rolled into 1.. the initial drop [with robo voice] was ok, but then seconds later it was terrible in my opinion.

And by the way... Pink Floyd had ONE record on the top 100 for over 10 years straight. NO other band can claim that, EVER. And I honestly think Muse surpasses Pink Floyd on many different levels. Listen to the variety of styles that Muse uses from song to song... they are true masters of them all!!! Delivering beautiful, captivating music that will leave deep impressions. Not many bands can claim that. EVER. .


El 5 de Mayo en Madrid!! No puedo creer que vayaa a verlos🙈😁

Who‘s going to Cologne, Germany 👍🏽

22.06.2019 CRACOW, POLAND!!! After 4 years, You’re finally back in here! Yaaaaaassssssssss... Mondays suck, but I want more Mondays like today... 🔥🔥🔥.

Solo quisiera que en su visita a México toquen al fin Dead Star... con éso ya podría morir en paz. Can't wait to see you here!! Please play Dead Star in Mexico!!

Why are you here then?



I WILL FUCK THIS GAME!!!! :) Muse… Online? Free, Putlocker


On se voit a Bordeaux ! 😁