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2019.02.16 17:49


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Dad bod Bale Yo did anyone notice that in the movie, the cash prize is $10,000, and in the trailer it's $1,000,000? cmx2qeha


the best movie projectors movie the basket I wonder what they called the rock when he was a kid? Maybe “the pebble” johnson. Just a thought Sorry they should have cast Glenn Howerton (Dennis Reynolds) in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia as Ted Bundy. He has that charming yet creepy serial killer, type of vibe in that show. I guess long hair isnt up to date anymore elf the movie merchandise I personally don’t like how they portray George W Bush in this.

I like how all the actors are Academy Award winners or nominees and then there's Jason Clarke at the end.

the peanuts movie lego

Roman Reigns or Joe anoa'i?

It's like watching beige paint dry ...yawn

How is this romanticizing a serial killer? The title is literally calling him extremely wicked, shockingly evil and vile...since when is any of those things something the average person aspires to be? Outrage culture at it again! The editing of a trailer, and music choice is all you need to jump up conclusions...really?🙄.

What's up with all these old disney stars playing as these old killers first was ross lynch from austin and aly playing as Jeffrey dahmer and now its Zac Efron from High school musical playing as ted bundy. Who's next or who am i missing?.

Why is the white man always the bad guy? we are so attacked right now



suhu beku: the movie movie reviews


Okay then. The ad said “The Curse of La Llorona


The movie may well be good but, the trailer has the feel of a James Bond film. If I had lost a loved one to Bundy, I'd be offended.

2019 version of Tango & Cash but bigger,better,funnier. For those of you who don't know...YouTube it.

suhu beku: the movie movie theater Yess I'm so ready for this! Growing up as a weird teen who was obsessed with serial killers documentaries, particularly Bundy's and Dahmer's, I can't wait for this movie. Smart that they got everyone hyped with that Netflix documentary. It used to make me so sad when no one around me seemed to be interested in these types of movies but all my friends and family seem to be talking about it now!.

Suhu Beku: The Movie movie page Person to Person Download Movie english subtitle Online glorifying serial killers smh Dont watch this trailer it gives away too much of the movie. There are literally scenes from the last ten minutes in this trailer. Amazing movie by Key and Peele just watch it without this trailer..