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2019.02.18 05:32


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im gonna bring my cat to watch this movie..

This troll's face looks like Barbara Streisand's face or wife of Chris Christie

Oh my god.... It's like Garfield... But even worse!

I swear to god! I had the same idea of a movie about a cat named Bob and his owner, doing all kinds of crazy stuff around town. And a couple months later they're making a movie about it. What are the odds!?.

Thatsa nasty bedbug !!

When will the movie be out? I hope soon. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the books! I am glad both are doing well..


Why would the incredibly talented Elizabeth Banks degrade herself by doing this god awful pile of crap?.

rumagokuke/diary/201902170000/. Every one the only TRUE thing about this is that cats steal people's breth when there sleeping I don't know why but it's not bad that they do it they still love you google it its prove that I'm right. 烂片无疑 Hola a todos I think this troll did a cool little backflip from the edge of the bed.

I love this

They actually made this movie. WHY? Omg finally,they have made this awesome book into a movie!!! Yes I'm watching for Malina Weissman Angela. is cute Rbl I can't believe that James Gunn wrote this stupid skit. I still can't get why they couldn't get Christopher Walken to play the cat. Could, could you imagine ? 'Meee... Ow. I'm a cat. Puss...y.'