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Defriended 1.1

Defriended helps you find new and removed connections on the friends list of your from Facebook® account. Find out who defriended/unfriended you!It quietly sits in your menubar scanning for changes on the background. You can specify the scan interval to daily, hourly or manually.Defriended shows all your friends and unfriends in attractive lists. Clicking on them opens the selected profile in your standard browser.** ALSO AVAILABLE FOR IPHONE, SEARCH FOR FBDEFRIENDED IN THE APP STORE **DISLAIMERThis application is not created by, related to nor supported by Facebook®!Defriended does not make use of Facebook® Connect and therefor does not violate the Facebook® Platform policies. The correct functioning of Defriended relies on the correct working of®.If for any reason whatsoever® fails to work due to e.a. malfunctioning or maintenance, or structural changes are applied this application might stop working. Therefor the developer can not guarantee the continues functioning of the application.Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.

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