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Alternative file browser for the Finder, aqua version available. where download to 10.14.1

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Mac Explorer is a file browser and management tool that brings a hierarchal navigation system to the Mac. The first ever Mac OS X file browser to offer tabbed file browsing, Thumbnail previews of pictures files and filter based file browser, Mac Explorer offers a totally new and unique file browsing experience. Features: - Mac Explorer In Action: The first ever tabbed file browser for the Mac. Complete with the favorites shelf for commonly used files and applications, fast file searching from within each Explorer window and contextual menus to quickly perform various actions on selected files. - Picture Previews as you Browse: No more generic icons when what you really want to see is the actual picture file. Mac Explorer is the first Mac File Browser to offer Thumbnail file browsing. Quickly locate the pictures you are looking for in a large list of files. - Find Anything You Need: With access to the same search capabilities as Sherlock right from within Mac Explorer's main window, you can locate exactly what you are looking for without relying on third party applications or cluttering your desktop with more windows. You won't even disturb your current file location. - Customized to the Way you Want: Choose between FIVE different file views including icon view, list view, detailed list view,compact list view and even Thumbnail view. Flavors let you further customize Mac Explorer to match your desired tastes. - Treat Multiple Files as One with File Banks: Move, copy and store multiple files as one with File Banks. File Banks will store a pile of files so that a drag and drop operation can be posed while you navigate to a destination directory or if you just want to conveniently move multiple files as one pile of files. - Change Info For Multiple Files At Once: Batch change file info for multiple files at once with Mac Explorer's Batch File Info Changer. Just enter some new information for the selected files, or even all files or folders within the current folder, and Mac Explorer will update all the specified files with the new file info.

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