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Developer: Opera Software Asa

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Title: Opera Beta

◐ 60.0.3255.79 Opera Beta

^ Goldman, Daniel (18 December 2006). "Opera 9.1 is out with Fraud Protection". Opera Watch. Archived from the original on 5 January 2007. Retrieved 11 June 2014. Deep space bar Opera Mini for Windows Phone Extensions ^ "Free VPN". Retrieved 18 March 2017. • Adding contacts using WhatsApp is now easier. You can enter a phone number and check if it's on WhatsApp before saving it. Tap "New Chat" > "New Contact" to get started.

Official site:

Recomended for MacOS

[82832 kbytes]

Featured! version

[83607 kbytes]

to OS X

[81284 kbytes]

Media Player: Opera Mini for PC has the built-in Media Player, in which you can play any media files you download through the Opera Mini so that you don’t have to rely on the third party media players.

The Opera Mini has the vast cache of web pages, the data you browse through the Opera Mini is stored, and it will be available whenever you open the browser. It is the best choice for one who reads on the internet a lot, due to is fluid scrolling of web pages and the multiple tabs capacity. The app interface provides you with a better downloading option, in which you can download the files much more comfortable and quicker than ever. The Opera Mini for Windows has the excellent downloading options in which you can download multiple files simultaneously at higher speeds. You can even pause the downloads and resume it afterwards. The app interface allows you to download the file using the smart download options provided by the Opera Mini PC, in which you can start downloading files whenever you are connected to the WiFi network.

Why Opera Mini

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^ Keizer, Gregg. "Opera 15 launches with WebKit backbone". Computer World. Retrieved 29 July 2013.

Comparison of browser synchronizers


Privacy and security

(83607 kbytes) Get

OPERA BETA VERS 57.0.3098.36 W7JW


Featured 10.12.5

(65027 kbytes) Software

VERS 60.0.3255.4 OPERA BETA R3W


for 10.14

(88251 kbytes) App

vers.53.0.2907.31 Opera Beta BRBP


Best! version

(80510 kbytes)

OPERA BETA V 60.0.3255.82 U3DO


on OS X

(77414 kbytes) Update

J9X51 54.0.2952.40 OPERA BETA


Updated MacBook

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VERS 57.0.3098.53 OPERA BETA JQZ



(82058 kbytes)

Opera Beta ver. 58.0.3135.59 tvh0cg


Recomended for 10.13

Recomended OS X


[36900 KB] 10.5.300030

Featured to MacOS

[23902 KB] 1.3.2

Version 10.13


[82786 KB] 6.0.465.0