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☆ VERSION 5.4 Agenda

New in Version 1.0

While we still choose Bear as the best notes app for iPhone and iPad, we can see a niche being carved out by Agenda. For any individuals who need to apply specific dates and times to their notes — we imagine managers and those individuals who find themselves in a lot of meetings to be the quintessential Agenda user — Agenda may find itself on their home screen in an instant.

The onboarding experience is a bit disappointing on iPhone because you’re forced into a landscape video as soon as you launch the app the first time. I get why they did this, considering the app and video are on multiple aspect ratios, but I was hoping they’d do a portrait one or an interactive overlay on the actual app to get newcomers up to speed with the feature set.

March 2019: Updated pricing and links.

More, you can make a note for a meeting that's on next Tuesday and Agenda will make sure it shows it to you on that day. Alongside projects full notes, there's a section called On the Agenda which is all you need to concentrate on today.

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Name the calendar, then press Return. Notes appear in a project timeline, but projects themselves can also be grouped into categories. Notes are ordered in the timeline however you choose; you can drag them around, apply dates, or use a mixed approach. You can also collapse notes to save space. While each Bear note is stored in plain text, the information section offers you seven ways to export your note. QuickLook Summary Add detailed notes to any item At first I wasn't sure about Agenda, but as I began to use it daily on my Mac, I was yearning for a version on my iPhone and iPad. Now that we have them, it's complete, and I've decided to use it full-time for organizing my important notes with deadlines. For quick captures, I still like to use Drafts. Best overall: Fantastical 2 Drag and drop events and tasks to any date on our side-bar mini-month or in the calendar views; events to new calendars; tasks between groups or to a new project/tag/context; and more!

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