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2020.03.22 12:16


Runtime=1h 39min Susan Benne genres=Documentary country=USA D.W. Young.

Cant wait to see the story unfold on screen like it did in real life for me thru the 70s and 80s. roller skating, the town carnival, and kissing my first girl. cant wait 😊.

I hate how people, who I suspect are teachers or librarians or someone who should know better, push books to the back of the shelf after you've spent hours neatly arranging their spines along the front of the shelf.

The cinematography gives off YouTube Original vibes.

Smooooooooooooth 7:02.


My family owns a cafe and it's ridiculous the amount of times people have come up to the register without even LOOKING at the menu and then get mad when we don't have what they want. Like it's not my fault you couldn't bother to read. Looks pretty mediocre, like a straight to dvd movie... Thank you for making quality, thought-provoking work on youtube. Today is the is it released at? Cinema? Netflix? Where. WOAAHHHH talk about spoilers. They need Dr. Haus reference. Why do I feel like the stepmom is the gonna be that girl that was the only survivor? Lol.

Three days after this report, 9 Souls died in a helicopter crash. One of them was Kobe. Hmmmm.


Brian Contine

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The Booksellers - by Liz Simpson, March 18, 2020
7.6/ 10stars