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2020.04.13 06:17

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  1. Publisher: Ünsal Aktaş

release date: 2019 Genre: Drama 101m brief: Sorry We Missed You is a movie starring Kris Hitchen, Debbie Honeywood, and Rhys Stone. Hoping that self-employment through gig economy can solve their financial woes, a hard-up UK delivery driver and his wife struggling to raise a UK, Belgium. Sorry we missed you is directed by Ken loach and written by long time collaborator Paul Laverty. It tells the story of Ricky Turner, who after a series of jobs has ended up becoming a delivery driver to try and make ends meet and to gain a better life for his family. Just like with Ken loach previous film I Daniel Blake, which focused on the flawed benefits system in the UK, this movie tackels 0 hour contracts and the struggles that this work system can have on the family unit. Now it may be easy to take one glance at this movie and think that it's a little to similar to I Daniel blake due to its presentation and subject matter. But make no mistake, this movie absolutely makes its existence worthy as Loach has crafted one of the best films of the whole year.
Unlike any other filmmaker working today, Ken Loach seems very much determined to paint the world how it actually is. There is no flashy cinematography or flashy sets, it's all kept to pretty simple in that regard. Instead the movie Excels at showing everyday struggles of characters who seem as real as me or you. His style as a director allows the audience to connect with the characters on such a deeper level thanks to how honest they feel.
The performances where pretty much great overall. The 4 main characters all did a great job and served the script really well. However there were a few minor characters whos performance weren't too great, thankfully though these characters were given very minimal screen time. As far as complaints go I really don't have many, one thing that I wasn't a big fan of was the score. Pretty much 95% of the movie doesn't even feature a score, which of course fits in with that honest portrayal of the world. With that said there are a few moments where music is used and with the rest of the movie being so confident in its presentation I just found the music to be pretty distracting
Minor complaints, don't be mistaken, not only is this is one of the best films of the year but its also one of the most important. A movie that can show this country for what it is and isn't afraid to pull it's punches. A absolute must see.

Δυστυχως απουσιαζατε flix. Completely over the top and unrealistic including the actors and the acting. Offers no solutions either, just a demand that us "effing plebs" continue to blindly give our support to Loach's mates in the Labour Party, despite 75 years of stabbing us in the back.


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Δυστυχώς ΑπουσιάÎÎτin a new window. The Film really highlights the issues faced by many in our society.
Acting was strong most of the time but there was the odd scene where it felt top "scripted. Over all defiantly worth watching. Δυστυχώς απουσιάζατε κριτική. Δυστυχώς ΑπουσιάÎÎτin inglese. Δυστυχώς απουσιάζατε imdb. Δυστυχώς απουσιάζατε. Δυστυχώς απουσιάζατε trailer. Δυστυχώς ΑπουσιάÎÎτin a new. Δυστυχώς ΑπουσιάÎÎτi.p. Δυστυχως απουσιαζατε που παιζεται θεσσαλονικη. Δυστυχώς απουσιάζατε dvd. Δυστυχώς απουσιάζατε online. Δυστυχώς απουσιάζατε που παιζεται.