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2020.05.22 16:54

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  2. Guns Akimbo is a movie starring Samara Weaving, Daniel Radcliffe, and Rhys Darby. A guy relies on his newly-acquired gladiator skills to save his ex-girlfriend from kidnappers
  3. Rhys Darby, Daniel Radcliffe
  4. Action, Comedy
  5. Tomatometer=6,9 of 10

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This is VFX pro Jason Lei Howden's 2nd full length feature film as newb writer and director, and he delivered. Think Gamer meets Suicide Squad and you end up with mindless fun entertainment with stunning visuals, and I do mean stunning. The story was fun and the directing on point with excellent cinematography and VFX. I was pleasantly surprised that Daniel Radcliffe pulled off his character extremely well. For that matter, all cast performances were great. The score was very fitting and the 95 min runtime and pacing were just right. Sad to see the undeserving low ratings, this film has great qualities - especially considering it's from a new filmmaker, and it was really fun and funny! A well deserving 9/10 from me.

I loved everything about this movie. The best movie to come out in a while. Hopefully there will be a sequel. Watch the movie "Guns Akimbo" online you can for free in good quality without registration. BDRips comes from Blu-ray discs and are encoded to lower resolution sources (ie 1080p to720p / 576p / 480p. Watch online film Guns Akimbo hd 720 for free full.

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