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„Online Free“ Back to the Future Watch Online

2020.05.28 06:37

country - USA. writers - Bob Gale, Robert Zemeckis. runtime - 1H 56Minutes. tomatometer - 9 / 10 stars. actor - Lea Thompson, Crispin Glover. Robert Zemeckis

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This movie was everything to me and it's still everything to me till this day. I love when Brian Just starts singing never gonna give you up.

I rode this as a kid and didnt think twice - who knew when I got a little older my obsession with Back to the Future would begin...

Watching this May 2020, just got recommended in my feed.

October 21 2015 is coming. Hold on to ya butts.

Even with his illness, Micheal J Fox still does Marty so flawlessly. Hes incredible.

Get in marty, were gunna save kobe and that entire chopper...

Youtube wtf why are you recommending this to me now? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? HOW HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS. I can't believe this movie was filmed when my dad was a kid. I like how the spoiler alert is issued as the DeLorean is destroyed by the train. Part of me wants a spinoff, reboot, or something related to Back to the Future while we still have the original actors, but I fear it would ruin the franchise.

If someone says they dont like the back to the future movies. its only because they havent seen the back to the future movies. Everyone else who says that is just lying. Other moments that shouldve been mentioned Biff: hello anybody home Marty uses the amplifier Marty discovers docs grave Docs shot of whiskey The Delorean is destroyed Biff steals the delorean. This really scratched my nostalgia itch. Sad that there was no Biff. One of the best lines in the trilogy is make like a tree and get outta here.

Why bother doing The Simpson's Ride? Let FOX build their own themepark

Thanks for uploading this! This was my favorite ride in Universal Studios. Miss this ride dearly. Y'know, for having never heard this song before, the band did a great job. Hands down a Top 10 movie of all time, maybe even top 5. It still holds up after all these yrs.


Best movie ever made. 1987: We will have flying cars in the future 2019: I got the horses in the bacc. 1:16 HOW DID HE GET INTO 2015 THE RIDE WAS OPENED IN 1991. 1985: We'll have flying cars in 2015 2020: VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM! VIDEO GAMES CAUSE VIOLENCE! EARTH IS FLAT! I WANT TO SPEAK TO THE MANAGER. “Roads? Where were going, we dont need roads.”. Leah Thompson is still only 30 years old. JFC. I just loved seeing them back together again, its amazing. Made my day and made me laugh, its what I needed with all this isolation. There are no Top 10 moments. Everything in the trilogy is perfect.


When eric stoltz continued the saga, thats the alternative of back to the future 4, because Eric stoltz dont have any infected of virus. The Sandlot NEXT PLEASE. Remake of this movie could cause a disruption in space-time continuum.