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2020.05.28 22:03

User ratings=9,1 of 10 star

Creators=Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan


director=Christopher Nolan

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Interstellar 123movies. NOW this is the part I remember seeing in 2014, I was so confused during the whole movie and it felt like it was 5 hours. I was imagining this part the opposite way though.

Interstellar movie explained. Interstellar tesseract. This soundtrack reminds me of the erratic motion of the air when subject to hypersonic/supersonic shockwaves. Interstellar bbq austin. Interstellar behind the scenes. The reality of space travel. Human beings are not yet psychologically prepared for the effects of time dilation and other phenomena that come into play in such extreme conditions. A great scene by all measures. Interstellar timothee chalamet.

I watched this movie 100 times, and soundtrack of Hans Zimmer infinite times.

This is Murphy Cooper we're talking about - such a great line. All the background you needed

Interstellar overdrive. Interstellar best scene. Interstellar docking music. Interstellar music. Interstellar director. Interstellar transport company. Interstellar ending.


Is there any way to delete this movie from my memory and watch it all over again like the first time. Who else came here right after watching 2 Hamsters initiate the docking sequence. Interstellar full movie. Imagine if the morse code just ended up being Cooper's password to access his porn on his hard-drive. Interstellar travel. Interstellar crying scene. Interstellar 5555. I love the way she laughs. Interstellar movie. I find it sad that he never got to say bye to his son. 😭. Interstellar quotes. I found that this ending kind of ruined this movie. 1. They would be much more respectful towards him because he saved the human race 2. How would Madge even know about the girl left on the planet by herself? To all she knew she could have been dead. 3. No mention of the son. Even if he was dead (which is very likely) I'm sure that Cooper would have liked to know what happened to him. It feels almost rushed.

This is in fact the most depressing scene in the entire movie. Thanks for uploading it. I Knew You Would Come Back Why? Because My Father Promised Me. Interstellar trailer. I was never this clean slick. Interstellar meaning. Interstellar theme piano. Interstellar film. Interstellar final scene.

Murphy's law: Everything that can happen, will happen❤️

Just can't ignore the fact that Hans Zimmer composed this music before reading the script. Interstellar bbq austin tx. Interstellar reaction. This was the point at which I stopped liking this movie; and instead fell in love with it. 2019 - I listen to this in my car 2089 - I listen to this in my spaceship while exploring distant galaxies. Interstellar cloud of gas and dust. Interstellar wormhole scene. Interstellar subtitles. Interstellar explained.

I love this soundtrack. Interstellar sad scene. Interstellar malayalam explanation. 1, 858, 818 people like this 1, 836, 105 people follow this Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Page created - April 3, 2013 5 years ago today, mankind’s future was discovered among the stars. Experience the journey beyond this galaxy again tonight: It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser. Close Wishing Matthew McConaughey a happy birthday! this is the best movie i ever watched. 's all about (TIME). (SPACE). and some conspiracy about our... solar system See More Amazing movie. Puts into perspective the vastness of space and truly small we all are but how we can... achieve such great goals. See More One of the best movie ever made. Love is the one thing we're capable of perceiving that transcends t... he dimensions of space and time. See More How many times have you seen Interstellar Movie? Now on Blu-ray and Digital HD! In 3 days, Interstellar Movie will be on Blu-ray! Pre-order today: TOMORROW, Interstellar Movie will be on Blu-ray! Own the galactic space exploration today:.

This little maneuver will cost us 51 years ~Cooper P. S. The best movie ever to exist. Interstellar don't deserve Oscar, Oscar deserves Interstellar. Interstellar black hole scene. 60% confirmed. Knock knock... Interstellar clouds crossword. Whenever i want to cry i just watch this, cannot hold it for some reason.

Interstellar ending scene.

Interstellar wave scene.

The moon theyre on is extremely trippy.

This movie reminds me of my grandfather, his dream was to travel to space, he was really smart, he was nominated for a space mission in 1979, he was 26 years old, but a month before the mission he lost his wife and mother, and he suffered depression, lost his job, his journey, and his dream, and we met a little when Interstellar was released In 2014, I went quickly to see the movie with my grandfather. He had cancer, but he said well, I will watch it with you when the movie started. He saw the controversy in the family and rejected them for the trip. Laughter. He said this is exactly what happened to me, and he started laughing and in his eyes tears. Tears of joy I really can't forget that night, he died in 2017 beacuse of cancer rip 💔.

Interstellar medium. There must be something built-in in our brain because when I realized that he missed the entire life of his kids, I felt like they were my kids and It was me who missed it. when I watched this scene for the first time it was like if someone used my heart as boxing bag. and I dont even have kids yet. Interstellar movie review. Interstellar in hindi. The cinematography was wonderful. The cinematography combined with the score was infamous. Interstellar guitar.

This always gives me goosebumbs

Interstellar clouds. Interstellar orchard. Doctor : You have 10 minuts left to live Me : Listen to Interstellar Soundtrack Doctor : But it's 13 minutes God : It's ok.


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